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District 9 Umpire Training Files
Balks on the Big Diamond
2014 Western Region Umpire Instructor's Manual (RIM) (2MB PDF download)
Index to the Rules of Little League Baseball & Softball (2014) (1MB PDF download)
Baseball Tournament Rule Summary Sheet (2013) / Chart
Softball Tournament Rule Summary Sheet (2013) / Chart


Official Baseball Rules (OBR)
Little League Umpire Resource Center
Little League Rule Myths - by Kevin Hunter - Florida D-9
Umpire Resource Center - by Kevin Hunter - Florida D-9
Online Umpire Quiz A Great rules quiz created by our inimitable Rob Little


Little League Umpiring 101: Visual Training for Beginning Umpires
Official Web Site of Little League Baseball
Little League, Western Region - Official Web Site
Major League Baseball
Amateur Baseball Umpires' Assoc. (ABUA)
Little League Online: Baseball Umpire page
Little League Umpires Yahoo! group
Washington District 9 Umpires Yahoo! group
UmpHub.com (Good umpire training site, but fee required.)


How to Get Along With An Umpire' - Kevin Hunter (PDF)


Honig's Whistle Stop
+POS Umpire Gear & Equipment
Ump Attire Equipment Web Site
Gerry Davis Empire Equipment
Lester's Upstate Equipment


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